Perceptions create realities.

gmc_serviceRecently took my car into a dealership for service. I recall seeing an ad for this particular dealership boasting above par guest accommodations, and specifically really great coffee. Upon checking in I happened to look down the row of C.S. rep kiosks and noticed that 3 out of the 4 of them had a cup of coffee brought in from a popular chain (all happened to be the same, suggesting it’s close), two of which were perched high atop the kiosk making it the first thing you see. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the highly promoted house cup of Joe. My rep – one of the three – went as far as to remind me that they serve really great coffee as he provided me directions to the waiting room.

Now I’m not one to suggest that employees need to drink the coffee provided by their employer – everyone has their preference, and the same coffee day in day out can get old – but waiting room coffee is waiting room coffee no matter what brand is served, and the perception that these employees aren’t even drinking it creates the reality that it’s not very good. From my perspective from the moment I entered the building, I am now craving a cup of coffee from XX… and I can’t have it, because I’ll be stuck in this waiting room for the next 2-4 hours. So now I’m cranky.

Perhaps someone could encourage these front line brand builders to transfer their imported coffee into a dealership marked travel mug so as to further solidify the tone to customers that they are indeed their guests, not their prisoners.

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