The Altercation

4 way stop sign

I recently had an altercation with a fellow Pawn. We both pulled up to a 4-way stop sign around the same time. There were no other cars but her and me. She was to my left. And then it began…

We exchanged a series of hand waves, each insisting the other proceed through first. This went on for nearly thirty seconds until I smiled, threw my hands in the air motioning surrender, and absolutely insisted she go first. She laughed, graciously accepted, and proceeded through the intersection.

As she drove past me, we exchanged one final wave and smile and I was on my way, feeling good.

Now doesn’t that feel much better than the alternative scenario of each of us nudging, breaking, blocking, screaming, flipping, insisting it’s our turn to go next? Being courteous took the same amount of time as insisting on being right. That’s life in the Pawn lane. You’re welcome in any time.

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