Rush Hour Snack Packs

making kid lunches

I’ve come to the realization that making kid lunches is a lot like rush hour traffic- While not that big of a deal, it’s an unavoidable annoyance that you have to endure, day in, day out.

Sometimes you think you can get around or try to outsmart it with alternate routes (Oooh camp!), only to run into inevitable road blocks (D’oh!, the nut free lane! Didn’t see that coming. Now what am I going to feed this kid?!) (Not belittling nut allergies, just a metaphor.)

- Twin? Oh, Twin? - She means you.

Then there are those random holidays or vacation days that offer welcome relief from the routine. (No school = no lunches. Yes!)

And just when you think you’ve left it long behind in your rearview mirror, the day comes full circle and you realize you have to do it all over again to get home… (Sigh. Time to wash the containers.)

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