With over twenty years of integrated marketing experience, in both traditional (PR, print, experiential) and digital (SEO/SEM, paid search & social, content) I’ve done everything from represent niche product lines, to event management and sponsorship, to general branding for a major global brand. I’ve overseen B2B sales support and sell-thru programs, merchandising, product development, B2C marketing, social media/advertising campaigns, as well as athlete and team sponsorship management and activation.

My focus is to organically build brands around full-scale holistic marketing strategies using an approach I have developed and polished over the years:

Engage the consumer –> Convert consumers into customers –> Earn lasting loyalty.

This site is dedicated to presenting my work and experience, complemented with a dash of perspective thru my live journal.

I hope you enjoy & thanks for visiting.


* (“The One. The Only. Literally.” – When my great-grandmother & grandfather arrived to Ellis Island in 1920, their original Armenian name was so difficult to translate & pronounce, the surname “Mesigian” was crafted on the spot. Thus, the Mesigian family tree is pretty short & sweet. And as I am the only “Chris” in the family, I am literally the one & only Chris Mesigian… ever.)