Retail Training

fuji-bikes-hp-1[1]I created the curriculum and all content for Fuji Bicycle’s partnership with, an industry-leading web-based training and EP sales company. The site is geared towards educating retail sales professional on the likes of brand history and positioning, product lines, and technology – all seamlessly tied into an online Employee Purchase e-commerce platform.

With direction from our sales manager, I developed a comprehensive core “curriculum” for Fuji Bicycles, and through a combination of my own expertise, input from product managers, inside customer service reps, our outside sales force, and graphic design team, I pulled together all the content for 3point5 to develop into our modules.

Once the training was activated, I championed its implementation through to the retail level with assistance from our sales force. Participation grew steadily month by month and EP sales saw significant increase in the first year.

Having retail professionals better understand the brand and product line, as well as raising the likelihood that they themselves are choosing to ride our bikes, increased their personal investment and belief in our brand and thus had greater influence and impact on potential customers.

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