Using the SaaS platform, Shopify, I created three e-commerce sites from scratch and performed one major overhaul.

EssoSiteSceenShotTheEssoClub.com was created for the notorious sports bar in Clemson, S.C. The emphasis was a balance between information on the daily goings-on at the bar, keeping locals and alumni alike engaged with their extensive line of branded merchandise, as well as capitalizing on national attention as a result of close ties to Clemson football game days.

DrivetrainSiteDrivetrainSports.com was created for the U.S. CEEPO Bikes distributor. I built this site to cater to the ever-growing director-to-consumer segment of the specialty bike market, so transparency, communication, and buyer confidence were of the utmost importance.


GreeperSiteGreeperUSA.com was created for the U.S. distributor of Greeper Laces. Greeper is still fairly new to the U.S. market so product education and customer experience were prioritized.



PPCSitePedalPushersClub.com was a full site overhaul including updated product photos, some new product development, and an overall fresh look and user experience for new and returning customers alike.


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