The Elements of Engagement

Over the years I have developed and fine-tuned a core integrated approach to marketing consumer goods. It may seem obvious to many, but all too often companies miss steps along the way and opportunities are lost. My engagement approach consists of four elements: Static / Interactive / Dynamic / Synergic (yes, it’s a word).

Engagement-ArrowsStatic Engagement

Static engagement consists of your standard advertising (print/web/TV/radio), as well as collateral such as printed pieces (catalogs/brochures) and online catalog (corporate website). Static engagement lays the groundwork during the early phases of the buying cycle when consumers are “window” shopping for their next purchase. This element could also be referred to as general branding.

Interactive Engagement

Interactive engagement is where we build upon our story and engage the consumer in more of a dialog. It may not always be a two-way conversation, but the brand story builds upon itself and the market starts to learn more through third-party sources. These sources may include: more in-depth third-party perspective thru respected sources, such as Blogs, both professional & amateur alike; and product reviews and editorial coverage via industry-relevant media resources.

Dynamic Engagement

Dynamic engagement is where we engage the consumer directly and control the conversation first-hand. This interaction may occur at event expos; contact thru sponsored athletes and grassroots ambassadors; or at the retail level through special dealer engagements, general store merchandising, and demo opportunities. A special level of dynamic engagement occurs by empowering your customers to have the conversation on your behalf.  By developing high levels of loyalty in your direct customers, dynamic engagement occurs every time they are with peers and spreading the word about your products. Word-Of-Mouth marketing is real; and it is powerful, especially in this day and age when everyone has a platform from which to speak. Through dynamic messaging, the consumer gets a real look, touch, and feel opportunity, and personal attention to their questions.

Synergic Engagement

{“Synergic” [si-nur-jik] – The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.} Synergic engagement is what you do after the sale is complete. Where static, interactive, and dynamic engagement occur with consumers in the marketplace, synergic engagement happens with your direct customers. This juncture in the relationship is perhaps the most difficult, and where many companies fail miserably. Synergic engagement can exist in direct forms such as rewards programs or special promotions, but also indirectly thru good ole fashioned, exceptional levels of customer service (think above and beyond, what the other guy isn’t willing to do), and an overall willingness to maintain an open conversation. These individuals become a critical piece of the cycle, and if utilized properly, get organically pumped back in as part of your dynamic engagement efforts.

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