Use Your Words

You often hear the parent of a toddler instruct: “Use your words” to imply a more mature form of communication in lieu of tears and tantrum. That rings in my ears when I encounter a non-signaler on the roads. It never ceases to amaze me when I’m following someone and they suddenly turn without so much as a hint of warning.

I’d say surely they know I’m right behind them, but sometimes I doubt they do. This lack of spacial awareness is perhaps more frightening than their poor signal habits. The kicker is: if I slam into them, it’s my fault. As the driver of the following vehicle, it is my responsibility to avoid contact with the vehicle in front of me, at all times regardless of how big of a jerk they are being.

All I’m asking is for a little head’s up as to what you are going to do. (Use your words!) This way I can plan ahead and make the necessary arrangements that need to be taken care of – you know, like slowing down so as not to hit you.

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